movie date with keira

first time I saw the trailer of Tintin the movie, I said to myself that die-die i must watch it *keluar deh singlishnya* I was (and still am) a big fan of his adventurous stories. I grew up reading it since my father always supply me with the comic strip every week.

since I am still on my maternity leave, I decided to bring keira with me. I thought that it would be fun, just two of us watching movie during off-peak period. this is not the first time she goes to the movie, but it is the first time she goes with me only. it’s a movie date, yay!!

when I told her that we’re going to see the movie, she looked interested. I brief her about the movie a little bit. the character, the story, and the rules. I told her there are four rules that she must obey,
one, she has to walk by herself (no gendong);
two, she has to wear her jacket;
three, do not talk loudly inside the cinema. we can talk but in discreet so we wont disturb others; and
four, if she obeys the three previous rules, I will buy her popcorn in return.

she nods and instantly ran to her room to change her clothes to “baju pergi”. we went to the cinema located at the mall nearby our place which about 15minutes walking. she was in such a high spirit that she urged me to run chasing the green light. she even asked me to photograph her, wkwkwk..

We bought the tickets and right away entered the cinema. I checked the schedule beforehand so we can go in rightaway. I chose the normal one since I worried that keira might spoil the glasses (like always) if we chose the 3D. I told her to let me know whenever she wanted to go to toilet, but I doubt she needs it since I already asked her to do so at home.

the movie was good, and surprisingly keira was enjoying it as well as I did. turned out she behaved very well and sat on her seat almost all the time. only at end of the movie she asked to sit on my lap cause she said she’s sleepy. she missed about 1/5 of the movie which was quite ok for me. at least she can concentrate for the first 4/5part of the movie.

I woke her up once the movie ended. I told her to walk since I cant carry her while climbing down the steep stairs. cute thing was, she even said “bye bye” and “’til we meet again” to Tintin. then soon after that we jumped in to the bus taking us home.

it was fun indeed. i think she deserves another moment like this since at home most of my attention goes to her little sister. I am looking forward to have another date soon cause she said she wants to watch ‘Happy Feet 2’ and ‘Puss in Boots’. the only problem is, I have a very jealous husband at home, wkwkwk..


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twenty (okay okay.. thirty!) sumthin young working mum. loves eating but hates cooking (dont ask). eager to do any traveling and always waits for holidays around the corner
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