Nadine 6 months


Nadine is 6 months old this early april, yippieee… I am so glad because it is another milestone for both of us. She will start on solids soon and I can relax a bit on the pumping-at-work activity..

Her weight still unknown since I never weigh her (or myself) at home. I guess it’s about 7kgs-ish from the feeling when carrying her. (Update: it’s 7.2kgs and 68cm long) The face is still round and the belly is still plushy, hahaha…

The milestones are, she can sit a little bit longer than before. She opens and close her fingers and able to hold things that I offered. I don’t know whether she already masters crawling since I never put her on the floor. Just saw the video of my friend’s daughter about the same age with Nadine already crawled on the floor chasing towards some objects. I guess I will give it a try on Nadine soon.

I think Nadine has fully aware of the people surrounding her. She recognizes me as her mom, smiles whenever I appear and cries when I suddenly missing. I love this part though. She develops affection towards some particular things. Example: she likes to be hold, carried, and cuddled (okay, which baby isn’t?) and demands me to play with her even late at night. I don’t mind at all, always love hearing her giggles every time I tickle her.

She just experienced her first flight across the continent last two weeks. A bit nerve wrecking (for mom) experience, but later than keira who had her first flight to Jakarta when she was 2months old. The experience? Superb. I mean, she was a fantastic baby. Enjoying the flight by sleeping most of the time, less crying and no shouting *kisses*

I also delayed her first food due our Europe trip. I thought that better to delay until we come back to Singapore in case she had problems digesting the food and causing poop-fiasco during the trip, hahaha… *selfishmum* but I still curi-curi giving some food to her, she tried 1 tsp of orange juice (freshly squeezed), 1 tsp of pear puree, and 1 tsp of banana puree. Even I gave her baby jarfood during the flight, so far I think she enjoys eating, let’s see whether she still enjoying her meal when I give her brown rice and papaya, hahaha..

Oh, her first teeth have already erupted. Quite a surprise since I wasn’t expecting this gonna happen too soon. I remember that keira had her first set of teeth when she was 9months old but Nadine is way way sooner than that. I suspect this is due to the calcium supplement I took while I was pregnant with Nadine, I never had those when I was carrying Keira. Actually I found this accidentally, then it was resolved why she keeps on salivating all the time, hahahaha…

Ummm.. what else eh.. ah, she fell sick the very week we came back to Singapore *sad* the coughing came again with fever for three days in a row. I took her to her doctor and apparently she had to be nebulized and consume the antibiotics. He presumed the germs came from school, which is practically normal. After I nebulize her for three days, the cough now sounds okay. It’s still there but do not sound as horrible (the wheezing) as the previous days. Fever has gone down and she becomes happy baby once again! Yay! 🙂


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