celoteh anak 4 tahun

cerita temen kantor,

Father: “do you know that I often talk to you when you were still in your mom’s tummy?!”

Kid: “of course I know!”

Father: “how do you know? do you recognize my voice?”

Kid: “of course lah! you’re so noisy, I can’t sleep inside..”

Father: “…..”

kalo versi di rumah gue..

Gue: “ayo kak, joget gangnam style lagi!”

Keira: “bentar ya, gangnam stylenya mau makan ayam dulu”

Gue: -_____-

emang cuman Tuhan dan sopir bajaj yg tau jawaban apa yang bakal keluar dari mulut anak umur 4 tahun..


About charissarhanie

twenty (okay okay.. thirty!) sumthin young working mum. loves eating but hates cooking (dont ask). eager to do any traveling and always waits for holidays around the corner
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9 Responses to celoteh anak 4 tahun

  1. Novi says:

    hahahahahaah……emang enak diisengin ama anak kecil :p

  2. randompeps says:

    gue yakin ini pasti nurun dari emaknye 😆

  3. fabz says:

    beugh ran. anak lo eqnya tinggi nih *random*

  4. bebe' says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha… kesian emaknya dikadalin.. 😛

  5. ❤ Keira deh, lucukk…

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