Mother’s Day

today is Mother’s Day, I celebrated mine by buying a chanel foundation and doing some groceries. Oh, and watched the Star Trek sequel movie with husband.

later, I got a card and a drawing (as usual) from keira. she said it’s my gift for Mother’s Day. she draw a picture of a dress with my name and a letter B written on it. I asked what’s with the letter B, she said “this is letter B for you, that’s why I draw you a dress..”

errr… oookaaay?! I actually don’t get it, hahahaha..


then I read the card, husband said he just helped in writing down all of keira’s word. he even crossed his heart and said he never improvised.


if you can’t read it, i re-write it down here:

don’t forget to wear seatbelt • look to the right, look to the left • don’t play with the phone while sleeping • don’t watch TV too close • don’t go to the river that is very deep? (keira says…) • you have to listen (to) your friend when you (I think she meant they) are talking, not like bapa… (AHA!) • don’t forget (to) brush your teeth • mama says “you can’t touch the cat b’coz it’s very dirty” (nonsense, I never said this) • you should draw on the paper, not on the wall, and the chair, like nadine • don’t run and run (I guess she meant don’t running) and jump on the bed • if your friend is reading, you have to be quiet • you have to (go to) sleep early so you can be awake early • you have to go to school so you will be clever • you have to eat food and vegetables so that you will be healthy and strong • you have to be a good girl and very very pretty and beautiful like mama • you have to say sorry (apeuuu..)

-keira & nadine-

yeah.. great job in copying me, kiddo! hahahahaha… actually, those are the things that I always said to her. I did not expect she can remember all.. okay, most of it.. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, have a great one like mine! 🙂


About charissarhanie

twenty (okay okay.. thirty!) sumthin young working mum. loves eating but hates cooking (dont ask). eager to do any traveling and always waits for holidays around the corner
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19 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. sondangrp says:

    hai salam kenal ya Ran. Hahahahah, ngikik baca kartunya. They do listen when you talk dong ya hahahaha

  2. Arman says:

    happy mother’s day ya!!!
    seneng ya kalo dikasih apa2 dari anak. walaupun gak ngerti (referring to the letter B) tetep aja seneng. hahaha.

  3. seerika says:

    inspirational sekali ini…mumpung mother’s day kita boleh blanja blanji yah. Baiklah, coba kita buka asos sama amajon

  4. gillsunshine says:

    happy mother’s day, mbak:)
    sweet banget kartunyaaa 🙂

  5. dhira rahman says:

    Happy mother’s day dear sist! 😘😘
    Ooh… Mama cerewet ya? Hahahaha

  6. Riri says:

    Happy Mother’s day!
    Sweet sekali Keira 🙂
    bagian don’t go to the river that is very deep-nya sesuatu banget ya 😀

  7. mrscat says:

    B stands for begooo hahahaha kabur ahhh *komentar orang sirik aja ini ga dpt kartu di mother’s day”

  8. The Sanguine says:

    Awww, that is just too sweet, it almost got me diabetic! x)
    Then how the hell they got the “Don’t touch the cat it’s dirty” ?
    Imaginary friend I guess. =)

    • I guess so, we rarely come across with cats here. dogs sometimes, but I dont remember telling her about the dirty thing.. maybe that one is originally came from her, could be.. hahaha..

      thanks for the visit! 🙂

  9. Leony says:

    Aku lanjut dari Novi, B stands for BLOON! Huahahahahha…

    No lah, B stands for BEST because you’re the best mom in the world for Keira and Nadine!! (Nyogok).

  10. otty says:

    Jadi gimana si chanel apakah seoke review orang2? *salah fokus*

    Begitu baca gue tauuu itu pasti titah lo buat anak2 hahaha… gimana rasanya dinasehatin sama nasehat lo sendiri? 😀

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