yesterday, we went to the zoo. at some part of the place, they made it in wild wild west theme and even grow some cactus there..

Me: “kakak, look at that. do you know what the name of that plant?” *pointing*

Keira: “It’s cactus!”

Me: “correct. we can find cactus in deserts because it’s ability to survive in places where water is scarce”

Husband: “… so you usually can see cactus when you go to a desert..”

Keira: “… and to zoo! iya kan bapak?! see… this cactus also can grow inside the zoo!” *pointing*

Husband: “…….”

Me: “Technically… she is not wrong, honey..”



About charissarhanie

twenty (okay okay.. thirty!) sumthin young working mum. loves eating but hates cooking (dont ask). eager to do any traveling and always waits for holidays around the corner
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4 Responses to Cactus

  1. dhira rahman says:

    And also when you go to my house kakak!! Jadi rumahku juga kurang aer dong yaaa

  2. leonyhalim says:

    Kamu melotot dong Ran.. terus bilang USUALLY ya.. USUALLY!!

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