Just wanted to write some rambling that have been in my mind for quite some time:

  1. I have been trying to give up reduce sugar and carbs from my daily intakes. Not really dieting, it is just I believe my body is not as clever as it was couple years before. Since reached the big 3, my metabolism is kinda slowing down and certain health problems started to be heard from some peer friends. I decided it is time to adjust life style a bit to gain greater good in the future. E has been following keto (although not very strict) diet and had lost quite significant amount of weight. I wanted to follow initially, but I guess it doesn’t cut out for me (or the other way around? haha). I still can’t bring myself to increase my red meat intake, savour more on fats (although I do love avocado), and I still can’t give up noodles and breads for good. No significant weight loss / gain so far, but I feel like I can concentrate better now and more energetic. Will update more on this (or not.. haha)
  2. We finally gave up the girls’ school bus as it doesn’t make sense anymore to pay $200/mth while they are able to go home by public bus themselves. The routine now, we drop the girls to the school very morning and we manage to arrive at work way earlier. I signed up flexible hours at work which the official working hours for me now will start and ends one hour earlier than usual. Verdict: so far I will always finished at similar time as before haha.. I guess, with flexi hours I turned out to be less efficient than before. Gotta work on this better.
  3. It seems that 2017 – 2018 was a tough year for construction business. Some companies including ours face challenging situation which require some adjustment in the business model. Familiar faces no longer spotted as they are trying to do their best somewhere else. Although we are still doing fine, I sincerely hope that the situation is improved for all.
  4. Everyday I do feel the necessity to back to my active self like the last 3-4 years. But… ya ampun malasnya ya Tuhaaaann….
  5. Related to no. (1), these days I feel the crave for carbs and sugar. Not the type of craving like I really want to eat, I just think my body needs / asks for it in order to survive because..
  6. I just found out last week that I am pregnant… and not pregnant in the same time. As mentioned before, my body is not clever enough to realize this, so it keeps on sending signal like, “You need to rest” of “I guess you really need this food” while actually the one I really need now is, “just allow me to move on please”.

About charissarhanie

twenty (okay okay.. thirty!) sumthin young working mum. loves eating but hates cooking (dont ask). eager to do any traveling and always waits for holidays around the corner
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